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Exam Code: CISSP
Exam Name: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Q&As: 2629
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Question Set 1
A potential problem related to the physical installation of the Iris Scanner in regards to the usage of the iris pattern within a biometric system is:
A. Concern that the laser beam may cause eye damage.
B. The iris pattern changes as a person grows older.
C. There is a relatively high rate of false accepts.
D. The optical unit must be positioned so that the sun does not shine into the aperture.
CISSP exam Correct Answer: D
Because the optical unit utilizes a camera and infrared light to create the images, sun light can impact the aperture so it must not be positioned in direct light of any type. Because the subject does not need to have direct contact with the optical reader, direct light can impact the reader. An Iris recognition is a form of biometrics that is based on the uniqueness of a subject’s iris. A camera like device records the patterns of the iris creating what is known as Iriscode. It is the unique patterns of the iris that allow it to be one of the most accurate forms of biometric identification of an individual. Unlike other types of biometics, the iris rarely changes over time. Fingerprints can change over time due to scaring and manual labor, voice patterns can change due to a variety of causes, hand geometry can also change as well. But barring surgery or an accident it is not usual for an iris to change. The subject has a high-resoulution image taken of their iris and this is then converted to Iriscode. The current standard for the Iriscode was developed by John Daugman. When the subject attempts to be authenticated an infrared light is used to capture the iris image and this image is then compared to the Iriscode. If there is a match the subject’s identity is confirmed. The subject does not need to have direct contact with the optical reader so it is a less invasive means of authentication then retinal scanning would be.
The following answers are incorrect:
Concern that the laser beam may cause eye damage. The optical readers do not use laser so, concern that the laser beam may cause eye damage is not an issue. The iris pattern changes as a person grows older. The question asked about the physical installation of the scanner, so this was not the best answer. If the question would have been about long term problems then it could have been the best choice. Recent research has shown that Irises actually do change over time:
There is a relatively high rate of false accepts. Since the advent of the Iriscode there is a very low rate of false accepts, in fact the algorithm used has never had a false match. This all depends on the quality of the equipment used but because of the uniqueness of the iris even when comparing identical twins, iris patterns are unique.
In Mandatory Access Control, sensitivity labels attached to object contain what information?
A. The item’s classification
B. The item’s classification and category set
C. The item’s category
D. The items’s need to know
Correct Answer: B
The following is the correct answer: the item’s classification and category set. A Sensitivity label must contain at least one classification and one category set. Category set and Compartment set are synonyms, they mean the same thing. The sensitivity label must contain at least one Classification and at least one Category. It is common in some environments for a
single item to belong to multiple categories. The list of all the categories to which an item belongs is called a compartment set or category set.
The following answers are incorrect:
The item’s classification. Is incorrect because you need a category set as well. The item’s category. Is
incorrect because category set and classification would be both be required.
The item’s need to know. Is incorrect because there is no such thing. The need to know is indicated by the
catergories the object belongs to. This is NOT the best answer.
Reference(s) used for this question:
OIG CBK, Access Control (pages 186 – 188)
AIO, 3rd Edition, Access Control (pages 162 – 163)
AIO, 4th Edition, Access Control, pp 212-214
Who is responsible for implementing user clearances in computer-based information systems at the B3 level of the TCSEC rating?
A. Security administrators
B. Operators
C. Data owners
D. Data custodians
CISSP dumps Correct Answer: A
Of the various types of “Hackers” that exist, the ones who are not worried about being caught and spending time in jail and have a total disregard for the law or police force, are labeled as what type of hackers?
A. Suicide Hackers
B. Black Hat Hackers
C. White Hat Hackers
D. Gray Hat Hackers
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is covered under Crime Insurance Policy Coverage?
A. Inscribed, printed and Written documents
B. Manuscripts
C. Accounts Receivable
D. Money and Securities
CISSP pdf Correct Answer: D
Which of the following teams should NOT be included in an organization’s contingency plan?
A. Damage assessment team
B. Hardware salvage team
C. Tiger team
D. Legal affairs team
Correct Answer: C
During a business impact analysis it is concluded that a system has maximum tolerable downtime of 2 hours. What would this system be classified as?
A. Important
B. Urgent
C. Critical
D. Vital
CISSP vce Correct Answer: C
Which of the following categories of hackers poses the greatest threat?
A. Disgruntled employeesB. Student hackers
C. Criminal hackers
D. Corporate spies
Correct Answer: A
The exact requirements for the admissibility of evidence vary across legal systems and between different cases (e.g., criminal versus tort). At a more generic level, evidence should have some probative value, be relevant to the case at hand, and meet the following criteria which are often called the five rules of evidence:
A. It has to be encrypted, accurate, complete, convincing, and Admissible.
B. It has to be authentic, hashed, complete, convincing, and Admissible.
C. It has to be authentic, accurate, complete, convincing, and auditable.
D. It has to be authentic, accurate, complete, convincing, and Admissible.
CISSP exam Correct Answer: D
Controls like guards and general steps to maintain building security, securing of server rooms or laptops, the protection of cables, and usage of magnetic switches on doors and windows are some of the examples of:
A. Administrative controls
B. Logical controls
C. Technical controls
D. Physical controls
CISSP dumps Correct Answer: D
What is the minimum static charge able to cause disk drive data loss?
A. 550 volts
B. 1000 volts
C. 1500 volts
D. 2000 volts
Correct Answer: C
CISSP dumps
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