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ISC CISSP free dumps exam Q&As

Q1 – New

What is the expected outcome of security awareness in support of a security awareness program?

A. Awareness activities should be used to focus on security concerns and respond to those concerns accordingly
B. Awareness is not an activity or part of the training but rather a state of persistence to support the program
C. Awareness is training. The purpose of awareness presentations is to broaden the attention to security.
D. Awareness is not training. The purpose of an awareness presentation is simply to focus attention on security.

Correct Answer: D

Q2 – New

Which of the following is the MOST effective measure for dealing with rootkit attacks?

A. Turing off unauthorized services and rebooting the system
B. Finding and replacing the altered binaries with legitimate ones
C. Restoring the system from the last backup
D. Reinstalling the system from trusted sources

Correct Answer: D

Q3 – New

Which would result in the GREATEST import following a breach to a cloud environmet?

A. The hypervisor host Is poorly seared
B. The same Logical Unit Number (LLN) is used for ail VMs
C. Insufficient network segregation
D. Insufficient hardening of Virtual Machines (VM)

Correct Answer: C

Q4 – New

When developing a business case for updating a security program, the security program owner MUST do which of the following?

A. Identify relevant metrics
B. Prepare performance test reports
C. Obtain resources for the security program
D. Interview executive management

Correct Answer: A

Q5 – New

What is the MOST effective countermeasure to a malicious code attack against a mobile system?

A. Sandbox
B. Change control
C. Memory management
D. Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Correct Answer: A

Q6 – New

Which algorithm gets its security from the difficulty of calculating discrete logarithms in a finite field and is used to distribute keys, but cannot be used to encrypt or decrypt messages?

A. Diffie-Hellman
B. Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)
C. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA)
D. Kerberos

Correct Answer: C

Q7 – New

Which of the following techniques is known to be effective in spotting resource exhaustion problems, especially with resources such as processes, memory, and connections?

A. Automated dynamic analysis
B. Automated static analysis
C. Manual code review D. Fuzzing

Correct Answer: A

Q8 – New

A security professional recommends that a company integrate threat modeling into its Agile development processes. Which of the following BEST describes the benefits of this approach?

A. Reduce application development costs.
B. Potential threats are addressed later in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
C. Improve user acceptance of implemented security controls.
D. Potential threats are addressed earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Correct Answer: D

Q9 – New

Which of the following is a weakness of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)?

A. Length of Initialization Vector (IV)
B. Protection against message replay
C. Detection of message tampering D. Built-in provision to rotate keys

Correct Answer: A

Q10 – New

A large manufacturing organization arranges to buy an industrial machine system to produce a new line of products. The system includes software provided to the vendor by a third-party organization. The financial risk to the manufacturing organization starting production is high. What steps should the manufacturing organization take to minimize its financial risk in the new venture prior to the purchase?

A. Hire a performance tester to execute offline tests on a system.
B. Calculate the possible loss in revenue to the organization due to software bugs and vulnerabilities, and compare that to the system\\’s overall price.
C. Place the machine behind a Layer 3 firewall.
D. Require that the software be thoroughly tested by an accredited independent software testing company.

Correct Answer: B

Q11 – New

A software developer wishes to write code that will execute safely and only as intended. Which of the following programming language types is MOST likely to achieve this goal?

A. Statically typed
B. Weakly typed
C. Strongly typed
D. Dynamically typed

Correct Answer: D

Q12 – New

Which of the following is the PRIMARY benefit of implementing data-in-use controls?

A. If the data is lost, it must be decrypted to be opened.
B. If the data is lost, it will not be accessible to unauthorized users.
C. When the data is being viewed, it can only be printed by authorized users.
D. When the data is being viewed, it must be accessed using secure protocols.

Correct Answer: C

Q13 – New

The process of mutual authentication involves a computer system authenticating a user and authenticating the

A. user to the audit process.
B. computer system to the user.
C. user\’s access to all authorized objects.
D. computer system to the audit process.

Correct Answer: B

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