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Updated: Jul 06, 2017
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The right hand side of a completed “house of quality” (HOQ) displays rankings and values
A. Customer needs or desires
B. Competitive assessments or comparisons
C. Design feature measurements and importance
D. Design feature interactions
70-734 exam Answer: B
The subroof of a HOQ displays design features and the roof shows design feature interactions
(deliminated). The “basement” of the HOQ shows target values, or design features and
technical importance(c eliminated). The left side of the HOQ details key customer needs or
desires (a eliminated). The right side of the HOQ shows competitive assessments and/or

Which of the following techniques has proven useful in translating customer needs into
product design features?
A. Changing perceptions
B. Customer service principles
C. Confrontation and problem solving
D. Quality function deployment
Answer: D
Answers a and c are customer conflict resolution techniques. Answer b addresses service
principles, not the question at hanD. The role of quality function deployment (QFD) is to
translate customer needs into design features.

The SIPOC business model helps everyone in the company see the business from an overall
process perspective. However, it does NOT:
A. Provide a framework applicable to processes of all sizes
B. Identify the few key business customers
C. Display cross-function activities in simple terms D. Help maintain the big business picture
70-734 dumps Answer: B
Note that a negative response is requesteD. The odd choice out is answer B Identification of
the key business customers is done by means other than a SIPOC model. The other answers
a, c and d are valid.

The organization’s customer service program can be enhanced in many ways. One of the
ways would be:
A. Provide better procedures for customer service personnel
B. Restrict access to customer data
C. Have supervisors available to answer more questions
D. Utilize employee involvement
Answer: D
Customer service is important to an organization. To increase its effectiveness, everyone
should be involveD. This would mean all employees. Better procedures (answer a) can help.
Restricting access to customer data (answer b) is not gooD. A supervisor being available to
answer more questions (answer c) is going backwards. Employee involvement places
decision making at the level where the action occurs (answer d).

Having extensive industry knowledge makes upper management “experts” in customer needs
and desires. To win in the marketplace they should:
A. Authorize many new products as soon as possible
B. Start with a new marketing plan fitting customer needs
C. Develop a strategic plan for new products
D. Ask for help, because they often don’t really know the customer
70-734 pdf Answer: D
One can learn from the experiences of the 1970s U.S. automotive experts as they were being
pushed around by the Japanese auto makers. The U.S. auto makers knew the American
public, it was their market for 60 years. Fresh customer data is always needeD. The question
suggests that management knows it all and does not need any more information. Answers a, b and c imply that a producer is going ahead with a marketing effort without customer input.
Answer d is correct, because of the producer’s need for more information.

A customer satisfaction program was started on the right foot and has gone very well for the
last year or so. The company should:
A. Look to improve the program, with new customer input
B. Do nothing with the program, it’s not broken
C. Form a manager’s group to add new wrinkles to the program
D. Concentrate on long term customers
Answer: A
Even though the customer satisfaction program has gone well for a certain time frame, one
still must continue to listen to the customer. Answer b, to do nothing, would probably not
keep your company competitive. Answer c, forming a manager’s group, is too restrictive. It
permits internal people to formulate external customer expectations. Answer d is too
restrictive for a variety of reasons. Lack of growth could be one of them.

A six sigma improvement team may be required to analyze customer data in order to define a
project or the results of an improvement. Which of the following tools would be of LEAST
A. Conflict resolution
B. Statistical analysis
C. Matrix diagrams
D. Pareto analysis
70-734 vce Answer: A
Note that a negative response is requesteD. The techniques suggested by answers b, c and d,
plus others, can be employeD. Additionally, most of these tools are more effective if they are
used on similar customer data, over different time periods, to ascertain if the improvement is
still valid or if there are changes in the market. Answer a is a good choice for many
questions but not this one.

QUESTION: 8 Customer expectations follow which hierarchy of needs, from low to high?
I. Expected
II. Basic
III. Unanticipated
IV. Desired
Answer: A
There is a hierarchy of customer expectations in regard to product or service quality. It is
similar in nature to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy of customer expectations
follow the stages of basic (II), expected (I), desired (IV) and unanticipated (III). Only answer
a starts with II, and continues with the correct sequence.

During the team building phase, which of the following best describes the actions of the
A. The group is uncertain of their duties
B. Members prioritize and perform tasks
C. Member cooperation is evident
D. The team leader usually delegates duties
70-734 dumpsAnswer: A
This question requires some knowledge of team life cycles. Some authorities refer to the
team life cycle phases as build, develop and optimize. Others use forming, storming,
norming and performing. The building phase is an early one in which the leader provides
more direction and the group is uncertain of their roles and duties (Answer a). During this
period, the leader does not delegate responsibilities readily and the team usually does not
have the skills and experience to prioritize and perform tasks without assistance.

In most cases, an improvement team receives the least control and direction during which of
the following stages:
B. Storming
C. Performing
D. Alarming
Answer: C
The performing stage is the most mature and advanced team stage. The team leader (and/or
facilitator) would provide the least control and direction because the team has demonstrated
their own effective decision making capability.

Excessive conflict within an improvement team:
A. Has a negative effect on team members and should be avoided
B. Has a positive effect on creating alternate solutions
C. Most often results in win-win situations
D. Promotes equal participation among members
70-734 exam Answer: A
Excessive conflict within a team often has a negative effect on team members. Conflict most
often results in win-lose or lose-lose situations. Rarely will either a win-win situation or
creative alternate solutions result. Only a few exceptional personalities thrive in an
environment of conflict.

Good improvement team members will:
A. Provide valid excuses when they miss a meeting
B. Agree with the team even when it is wrong
C. Encourage participation by other team members
D. Withhold unpopular information from the team
Answer: C
Answers b and d might indicate a condition known as groupthink, which is to be avoideD.
Generally, good team members don’t miss meetings and therefore, don’t need excuses (a). A
good team member will encourage participation by other members.

Which of the following describes poorly functioning teams?
A. Members act independently without inter-dependency
B. Objectives are realistically set and met
C. Team members listen to what is being said
D. Facts and opinions are distinguished
70-734 pdf Answer: A
The key question phrase is “poorly functioning.” Answers b, c and d are desirable team
characteristics (team members listen well and objectives are realistically set and met and
facts and opinions are distinguished). Answer a is a poor characteristic in any team or group.
Team members must be able to act both independent and interdependently.

Effective team mechanics would typically NOT include which of the following?
A. The development of an agenda
B. The support of upper management
C. The distribution of minutes
D. The meeting time, frequency and location
Answer: B
The keys to this question are “mechanics” and “not include.” A team must have the support
of upper management (answer b). However, this is the answer to a question that is not
askeD. This question deals with team mechanics, which includes agendas, times, locations,
minutes, etC. Answers a, c and d are all necessary team mechanics.

When giving instructions to those who will perform a task, the communication process is
A. When the worker goes to his work station to do the task
B. When the person giving the instruction has finished talking
C. When the worker acknowledges these instructions by describing how he/she will perform
the task
D. When the worker says that he/she understands the instructions
70-734 vce Answer: C
The best communication process allows for effective feedback. The most comprehensive
feedback from the four choices is answer c.

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