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New ISACA CISA Sample Questions

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At the end of the testing phase of software development, an IS auditor observes that an intermittent software error has
not been corrected. No action has been taken to resolve the error. The IS auditor should:

A. report the error as a finding and leave further exploration to the auditee\\’s discretion.
B. attempt to resolve the error.
C. recommend that problem resolution be escalated.
D. ignore the error, as it is not possible to get objective evidence for the software error.

Correct Answer: C

When an IS auditor observes such conditions, it is best to fully apprise the auditee and suggest that further problem
resolutions be attempted. Recording it as a minor error and leaving it to the auditee\\’s discretion would be
inappropriate, and neglecting the error would indicate that the auditor has not taken steps to further probe the issue to its logical end.


An IS auditor performing an independent classification of systems should consider a situation where functions could be
performed manually at a tolerable cost for an extended period of time as:

A. critical
B. vital.
C. sensitive.
D. noncritical.

Correct Answer: C

Sensitive functions are best described as those that can be performed manually at a tolerable cost for an extended
period of time. Critical functions are those that cannot be performed unless they are replaced by identical capabilities
and cannot be replaced by manual methods.

Vital functions refer to those that can be performed manually but only for a brief period of time; this is associated with lower costs of disruption than critical functions. Noncritical functions may be interrupted for an extended period of time at little or no cost to the company, and require little time or cost to restore.


Which of the following is the most important element in the design of a data warehouse?

A. Quality of the metadata
B. Speed of the transactions
C. Volatility of the data
D. Vulnerability of the system

Correct Answer: A

Quality of the metadata is the most important element in the design of a data warehouse. A data warehouse is a copy of transaction data specifically structured for query and analysis.

Metadata aim to provide a table of contents to the information stored in the data warehouse. Companies that have built warehouses believe that metadata are the most important component of the warehouse.


A post-implementation review of a system implementation has identified that the defined objectives were changed
several times without the approval of the project board. What should the IS auditor do NEXT?

A. Notify the project sponsor and request that the project be reopened.
B. Ask management to obtain retrospective approvals.
C. Notify the project management office and raise a finding.
D. Determine whether the revised objectives are appropriate.

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is of greatest concern when performing an IS audit?

A. Users\’ ability to directly modify the database
B. Users\’ ability to submit queries to the database
C. Users\’ ability to indirectly modify the database
D. Users\’ ability to directly view the database

Correct Answer: A

A major IS audit concern is users\’ ability to directly modify the database.


An IS auditor is evaluating a virtual server environment and teams that the production server, development server and
management console are housed in the same physical host. What

A. The physical host is a single point of failure.
B. The management console is a single point of failure
C. The development server and management console share the same host.
D. The development and production servers share the same host.

Correct Answer: A


An organization has purchased a replacement mainframe computer to cope with the demands of increased business.
Which of the following should be the PRIMARY concern of an IS auditor?

A. The disaster recovery plan has been reviewed and updated.
B. Application access controls are adequate.
C. Appropriate tender evaluation processes have been followed.
D. The procurement is within the planned budget for the year.

Correct Answer: C


A data administrator is responsible for:
A. maintaining database system software.
B. defining data elements, data names and their relationship.
C. developing physical database structures.
D. developing data dictionary system software.

Correct Answer: B

A data administrator is responsible for defining data elements, data names and their relationship. Choices A, C and D
are functions of a database administrator (DBA)


Which of the following would contribute MOST to an effective business continuity plan (BCP)?

A. Document is circulated to all interested parties
B. Planning involves all user departments
C. Approval by senior management
D. Audit by an external IS auditor

Correct Answer: B

The involvement of user departments in the BCP is crucial for the identification of the business processing priorities. The BCP circulation will ensure that the BCP document is received by all users. Though essential, this does not contribute significantly to the success of the BCP. A BCP approved by senior management would not ensure the quality of the BCP, nor would an audit necessarily improve the quality of the BCP.


Which of the following would BEST support 24/7 availability?

A. Daily backup
B. offsite storage
C. Mirroring
D. Periodic testing

Correct Answer: C

Mirroring of critical elements is a too! that facilitates immediate recoverability. Daily backup implies that it is reasonable
for restoration to take place within a number of hours but not immediately. Offsite storage and periodic testing of
systems do not of themselves support continuous availability.


The PRIMARY purpose of asset valuation for the management of information security is to:

A. eliminate the least significant assets.
B. provide a basis for asset classification.
C. determine the value of each asset.
D. prioritize risk management activities.

Correct Answer: C


During the development of an application, the quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing were combined.
The MAJOR concern for an IS auditor reviewing the project is that there will be:

A. increased maintenance.
B. improper documentation of testing.
C. inadequate functional testing.
D. delays in problem resolution.

Correct Answer: C

The major risk of combining quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing is that functional testing may be
inadequate. Choices A, B and D are not as important.


When performing a data classification project, an information security manager should:

A. assign information critically and sensitivity
B. identify information owners
C. identify information custodians
D. assign information access privileges

Correct Answer: A

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