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Isaca CGEIT exam

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An executive sponsor of a partially completed IT project has learned that the financial assumptions supporting the
project have changed. Which of the following governance actions should be taken FIRST?

A. Schedule an interim project review.
B. Request a risk assessment.
C. Re-evaluate the project in the portfolio.
D. Request an update to the business case.


Of the following, who is MOST appropriate to evaluate the potential benefits of an IT-enabled investment?

A. Business sponsor
B. Portfolio management officer
C. External IT auditor
D. Chief information officer


Which of the following would be the BEST way for an enterprise to address new legal and regulatory requirements
applicable to IT?

A. Benchmark of how other IT organizations are treating the new requirements.
B. Adopt a zero-tolerance approach for non-compliance with regulatory matters.
C. Treat as a risk to be assessed before developing a response.
D. Use cost-benefit analysis to determine if compliance is warranted.


Ned is the project manager of the HNN project for your company. Ned has asked you to help him complete some
probability distributions for his project. What portion of the project will you most likely use for probability distributions?

A. Uncertainty in values such as duration of schedule activities
B. Risk probability and impact matrixes
C. Bias towards risk in new resources
D. Risk identification


Which of the following is MOST critical to support IT governance cultural changes within an organization?

A. IT governance process manuals
B. Regularly scheduled governance training
C. Demonstrated management commitment
D. Established IT monitoring and measuring


An enterprise wishes to establish key risk indicators (KRIs) in an effort to better manage IT risk. Which of the following
should be identified FIRST?

A. Risk mitigation strategies
B. Key performance metrics
C. Enterprise architecture (EA) components
D. The enterprise risk appetite


In a large enterprise, which of the following is the MOST effective way to understand the business activities associated
with the enterprise\\’s information architecture?

A. Aligning business objectives to organizational strategy
B. Reviewing IT design with business process managers
C. Reviewing business strategy with senior management
D. Mapping business processes within a framework


IT maturity models measure:

A. value
B. outcome
C. performance
D. capabilities


An enterprise is approaching the escalation date of a major IT risk. The IT steering committee wants to ascertain who is
responsible for the risk response. Where should the committee find this information?

A. Resource management plan
B. Risk register
C. RACI chart
D. Risk management plan


A board of directors has just received a report indicating that only a small number of IT initiatives have been completed
on time and within budget. A third of the projects were canceled prior to completion, and more than half will cost almost double their original estimates. An analysis has determined that no one is held responsible for the completion of investment initiatives, and there is no consistency in execution. Which of the following would BEST help the enterprise address these problems?

A. Aligning IT investment priorities to the business
B. Establishing a project governance framework
C. Assigning business management to an IT investment review board
D. Establishing an IT risk management plan


Which of the following is MOST important for IT governance to have in place to ensure the enterprise can maintain
operations during extensive system downtime?

A. An incident response plan
B. Fault-tolerance hardware
C. A crisis communications plan
D. A business continuity plan (BCP)


Senior management wants to promote investment in IT but is uncertain that associated risks are being properly
identified. The BEST way to address this concern is to:

A. ensure business cases are developed by IT.
B. engage an external consultant to develop risk scenarios.
C. assign an IT cost controller to the finance department.
D. appoint an IT representative to the business risk committee.


Which of the following should be the MOST essential consideration when outsourcing IT services?

A. Alignment with existing HR policies and practices
B. Adoption of a diverse vendor selection process
C. Identification of core and non-core business processes
D. Compliance with enterprise architecture

Try to do it on your own, without reading the content, and then check the correct answers below to test your knowledge.

The correct answer is as follows:

Q1: Correct Answer: C
Q2: Correct Answer: D
Q3:Correct Answer: D
Q4:Correct Answer: A
Q5:Correct Answer: D
Q6:Correct Answer: B
Q7:Correct Answer: A
Q8:Correct Answer: D
Q9:Correct Answer: C
Q10:Correct Answer: B
Q11:Correct Answer: D
Q12:Correct Answer: D
Q13:Correct Answer: C


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