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Networking Fundamentals

This exam is for candidates who are experienced in designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions. Candidates are also proficient with development tools, techniques, and approaches used to build scalable and resilient solutions.

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Understanding network infrastructures (30–35%)
Understanding network hardware (20–25%)
Understanding protocols and services (45-50%)

70-980 vce

A customer is creating an Event Action Plan to monitor CPU utilization on their SQL server. While
creating a Simple Event Filter, the event type “Director.Director Agent.CPU Monitors” option is not
Which of the following is the most likely source of the problem?

A. The appropriate Hardware Status monitors have not been set.
B. The appropriate Resource Monitor thresholds have not been set.
C. The appropriate Windows Performance monitors have not been set.
D. The appropriate Process Management thresholds have not been set.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 36
A customer wants to deploy the latest ServeRAID driver and firmware updates to 25 servers on their LAN. This needs to be accomplished during off peak hours when LAN utilization is at its lowest. Which IBM Director component would be used to accomplish this?
A. Update Express CD
B. Update Assistant
C. Process Management
D. Remote Deployment Manager

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37
A customer runs an application on a supported 8-way x445. The customer needs to monitor operations and wants to be alerted when problems arise. Which TWO of the following can be configured in IBM Director Base Pack to monitor the customer’s operations?
A. Fan operation
B. Bottleneck analysis
C. Power supply operations
D. Planned versus unplanned outages
E. Application predictive failure analysis

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 38
A customer has a large HP Intel infrastructure and is actively managing these servers with Insight Manager. They recently purchased an IBM x346 server for a remote office database project. They do not want to run additional systems management software but require to be notified of PFA and hardware alerting on critical hardware components. Which of the following solutions would accomplish this?
A. Install an RSA II Slimline card on the IBM server and configure to send email alerts
B. Enable the IBM management option in Insight Manager
C. Install and configure a Director agent on the IBM server
D. Configure the systems management processor on the IBM server

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 39
A customer is running a number of HP Intel servers within an IBM management environment. The HP Insight Manager agent is already installed, but they do not want to install the Director agent because of potential conflicts. Into which system are the MIB files compiled?
A. On the HP managed server
B. On the IBM Director server
C. On the IBM Director Jet database D. In the IBM Director database

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A company needs to connect seven of their Windows-based servers to a DS4000 storage server.
The DS4000 only has two host-side connections, and each server has two HBAs. Which of the following
is the lowest cost solution to provide no single points of failure?

A. Implement two 8-port switches design with ISLs
B. Implement two 16-port switches design with ISLs
C. Implement two 8-port switches design without ISLs
D. Implement two 16-port switches design without ISLs

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 41
Attaching to a NAS storage system through redundant NICs will provide which of the following?
A. High availability and failover
B. File sharing on the storage system
C. Better bandwidth through NIC Teaming on attached servers
D. Greater number of LUNS available on the same storage system

Correct Answer: A 70-466 exam QUESTION 42
A customer is running an application with large block files that contain images and video files. They have a requirement for a low cost storage solution. The consultant recommended considering the NAS solution. Which of the following benefits will the NAS solution provide?
A. Utilizes existing infrastructure
B. Provides direct host attached solution
C. NAS storage will use the reliable iSCSI protocol
D. Long distances after upgrading all host connections to fibre

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 43
A customer needs the ability to recover their data if a total system failure occurs. Which two of the following are the most important considerations in determining the solution?
A. Network utilization
B. Total amount of storage installed
C. Amount of open files in the backup
D. Amount of critical data in the backup or restore

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 44
A customer is experiencing a performance bottleneck in a disk subsystem. The server is performing sequential I/O with a small number of users requesting large files. Which of the following would most likely resolve the bottleneck?
A. Increase seek translation
B. Increase data transfer rate
C. Decrease rotational latency
D. Increase rotational latency

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 45
A customer has a file server with RAID-5 using 8KB random I/Os, with 67% reads and 33% writes. How should the disk controller cache be configured for optimal performance?
A. Use write-back cache
B. Use write-back cache with battery backup
C. Use write-through cache with disk caching enabled
D. Use write-through cache with disk caching disabled

Correct Answer: D

70-980 Vce

Considerations for the preparation for Microsoft 70-981 vce

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