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Polycom 1K0-001 Practice Exam Pdf Free Download

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Top Notch Polycom Certification 1K0-001 PDF Exam Practice 1-13

Under normal operating conditions, Microphone and Audio amplification system should have sufficient _______ to
operate without clipping.
A. amplitude bias space
B. 100db padding
C. no padding
D. headroom
E. videoroom
F. voltage feedback
Correct Answer: D

Where is the G.711 A-law used?
A. T1 Networks
B. T3 Networks
C. ATM Networks
D. E1 Networks
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following apply to a Video Conferencing System? (Select three of the following options.)
A. Coder / Decoder
B. Audio Translator
C. Audio, Video, Content, and Data Translator
D. Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converter
E. Video, Audio, Content, and Data Multiplexer
Correct Answer: ADE

H.241 is best described as a standard that unifies:
A. Audio Coding for H.300 Series.
B. Framing for H.300 Series.
C. Video Conference Coding for H.300 Series.
D. all Operations for H.300 Series.
E. Video Procedures and Control Signals for H.300 Series.
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following are Call Establishment packets? (Select three of the following options.)
A. Receiver Ready
B. Disconnect Request
C. Release Request
D. Setup
E. Connect Acknowledged
F. Receiver Not Ready
G. Alerting
H. Release Complete
Correct Answer: DEG

H.323 Media Gateways require H.323 Terminals, which wish to make calls through the Gateway to ISDN sites, to:
A. perform a test with the other H.323 Terminals first
B. be registered with the MCU first
C. be registered with the Gatekeeper first
D. call the Network administrator first
E. be using a Gateway Prefix registered on an Active Gatekeeper
F. be using a Gatekeeper Prefix defined on the End Point
Correct Answer: E

SONET Optical Carrier – 3 or OC-3 is what speed?
A. 155M data packets per second
B. 155M bits per second
C. 155M bytes per second
D. 155M blocks per second
Correct Answer: B

Which two items does the ITU-T H.320 recommendation specify?
A. The Technical requirements for narrow-band visual telephone systems and the terminal equipment typically for Video
conferencing and video phone services
B. The Technical requirements for wide-band visual telephone systems and the terminal equipment typically for Video
conferencing and video phone services
C. The Technical requirements to ensure that only those signal are transmitted which can be received and appropriately
treated by the remote terminal, without ambiguity
D. The Technical requirements for the broadcasting type multipoint system and terminal equipment, which allow the
audiovisual signal from a transmitting terminal to be distributed to multiple receiving terminals
Correct Answer: AC

H.323 describes which Standards for minimum compliance operations for Visual Telephony?
A. G.711 / H.261 / H.222 / H.245
B. G.722 / H.261 / H.225 / H.245
C. G.711 / H.262 / H.225 / H.245
D. G.711 / H.261 / H.225 / H.245
E. G.711 / H.263 / H.222 / H.245
F. G.722 / H.264 / H.222 / H.245
G. G.722 / H.263 / H.222 / H.245
Correct Answer: D

MCU operation of H.323 Videoconferencing over IP is defined as which two components?
A. Network Controller and Multipoint Controller
B. Multipoint Controller and Multipoint Processor
C. Multipoint Processor and Video Controller
D. Audio and Video Controller
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: B

Video Coding Formats describes the:
A. Pictures per Line
B. Lines of Chromance
C. Lines of Luminance
D. A, B, and C
E. G, H, and I
F. Lines per Frame and Samples per Line
G. Pictures per Second
H. Frames per Second
I. Frames and Lines per Second
Correct Answer: F

Of the following, select three functions that the ISDN Functional Group NT-1 for Basic Rate Interface provides.
A. May provide conversion between LEC and the PBX
B. May provide phantom power over the TX and RX loops of S/T reference
C. Provides conversion between the 2-wire U and 4-wire S/T references
D. Provides power to allow the U Reference to be longer from the Local Exchange
E. Allows the Local Exchange to Down speed the local loop
F. Allows the Local Exchange to access and perform maintenance to local loop
Correct Answer: BCF

Which Standard is used to Signal the Master / Slave Determination and Coder Capabilities, and Signaling for Opening
Logical Channel Establishment?
A. H.239
B. H.261
C. H.264
D. H.245
E. H.242
F. H.225
G. H.221
Correct Answer: D

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