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Which three conditions can be used to dynamically evaluate a visitor’s inclusion in a user segment? (choose three)
A. The current date is later than a specific date.
B. A Content types has a specific value.
C. The visitor has specific characteristics.
D. The visitor is granted a specific entitlement.
E. The visitor’s HTTP request has specific properties.

Correct Answer: ACE
When an event is created by extending the trackingevent class, where is the schema for the event contained?
A. In an XSD file
B. In an inner class
C. In a separate class
D. In a .properties text file

Correct Answer: A
Your gambling portal has two pages. The “Minors” page is for visitors under 18, and the “Adults” page is
for visitors 18 or over. You have been told to add a “What’s New” portlet and make it available on both
Which solution does this, without unnecessary steps?

A. Create one portlet, put an instance of it on each of the two pages.
B. Create one portlet, use an entitlement to determine whether it displays on each page.
C. Create one portet, put it on one page, on the other page, use the tag to reference the first page.
D. Create one portlet, set its Forkable property to true, when the portlet is rendered it displays in a placeholder on each page.

Correct Answer: A
A theme that is represented by one theme file can be shared by which constructs?
A. Skins and shells
B. Skins and layout
C. Skeletons and shells
D. Skins and skeletons

Correct Answer: D
Exhibit Given the information shown in the exhibit, which statement is true?

A. The code is temporarily suspended at a breakpoint.
B. The code is not suspended until it reaches the code return new Forward index
C. If the code is suspended the value of the local variable I, at this moment is undefined.
D. The third icon from the lefty in the menu bar area provides the capability to control entry into a remote method

Correct Answer: A
You must define property in a Property Set. You want to limit visitors to selecting one of the value “apple” “pear” or “kiwi” or no value. If no value is selected, you want to use “kiwi” as the default value. Which types of property do you create?
A. Single restricted
B. Multiple restricted
C. Single unrestricted
D. Multiple unrestricted

Correct Answer: A
Which three are valid entries for the “empty content search” part of a content selector when comparing with document type properties? (Choose three)
A. Events
B. Behavior
C. A Literal value
D. An HTTP request property
E. A user Profile Property Set value
Correct Answer: BCE
Using Workshop’s interactive debugging windows, how can you evaluate expressions, dynamically?
A. Open the Watch window, enter the expression, and select Evaluate
B. Open the Locals window, enter the expression, and select Evaluate
C. Open the Streams window, enter the expression, and select Evaluate
D. Open the immediate window. Enter the expression and select Evaluate
E. Open the Expressions window, enter the expression, and select Evaluate

Correct Answer: D
Consider the following code:

If the rule identified by myContentSelectorRule is satisfied when evaluated, what is the result?

A. No visible output
B. The JSP fails to compile
C. A series of images that satisfy the rule displays
D. A series of documents that satisfy the rule displays

Correct Answer: B
On a stateless session Bean component, which interface would you extend, when defining access to an external data set that is part of your Unified User Profile?
A. UUPropertySet
B. PropertyManager
C. DataPropertyManager
D. EntityPropertyManager
E. CustomerPropertyManager

Correct Answer: D
When developing custom skins, which action prevents the loss of change during product upgrades?
A. Add new entries anywhere in the skin.properties file.
B. Add new entries at the end of the skin.properties file.
C. Create a skin_custom.properties file in the same directory as the skin.properties file.
D. Create a new skin_custom.properties file under a new directory for your skin.properties file.
Correct Answer: C
What are two purposes of creating a desktop? (choose two)
A. to provide a deployable enterprise application
B. to provide a specific access point for entitled users
C. to provide a Web application development package
D. to provide a visual development area for Workshop composition
E. to provide an administrative mechanism for controlling resources

Correct Answer: BE
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