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Exam Name: Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essentials
Updated: Mar 20, 2017
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1Z0-434 pdf

2017 Oracle 1z0-434 PDF (#8-16) from Pass4itsure:

1z0-434 pdf QUESTION 6
Consider the current values of BPEL variables InputVariable andOutputVariable:

1z0-434 pdf

1z0-434 pdf QUESTION 7
Which two statements are correct about the Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) facility?
A. It is a Java EE application that is deployed to WebLogic Server to provide distributed job request
processing across a single WebLogic Server or a collection of WebLogic Servers.
B. It is shipped as a separate product and you can install it after you have completed the SOA Suite
C. It is used extensively by Fusion Applications so it is well-tested.
D. It is administered via the WebLogic Server Administration Console.
Correct Answer: AD

1z0-434 pdf 
What two architectural factors most heavily influence the interoperability of the Oracle Adapters with Oracle
Service Bus (OSB) and Oracle SOA Suite?
A. Oracle Adapters are based on the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 specification.
B. Oracle Adapters use native APIs to connect to the supported back-end applications.
C. Oracle Adapters are deployed to the same Oracle WebLogic Servers as Oracle Fusion Middleware.
D. Use of Oracle Adapters Extended Architecture (XA) features is completely optional.
Correct Answer: BC

1z0-434 pdf QUESTION 9
Oracle SOA Suite is being used to virtualize service calls to a third-party human resources provider. The
planned service payloads will require minimum transformation. Routing is simple because service calls will
be mapped one-for-one to existing third-party services. Which two components should be used to handle
this service virtualization?
A. BPEL Process
B. Proxy Service
C. Mediator
D. Business Service
Correct Answer: AD

1z0-434 pdf 
Which two are available as conditions for an alert rule in BAM 12c?
A. between two times
B. when rows are deleted from a data object
C. a particular day of the week
D. when a web service is invoked
Correct Answer: BD

1z0-434 pdf 
Oracle Adapters are deployed to the Oracle SOA Suite server.
Which three SOA Suite components can use Oracle Adapters?
A. BPEL Process
B. Mediato

C. Proxy Service
D. Human Workflow
E. Business Rule
Correct Answer: ADE

1z0-434 pdf 
In a BPEL model, what is the quickest way to implement a capability to skip rule execution if a particular
condition holds?
A. Model a switch activity to conditionally execute the business rule component.
B. Use a skip condition on the business rule component.
C. Include an XPath expression in an annotation on the business rule component.
D. Use a correlation set on the business rule component.
Correct Answer: C

1z0-434 pdf 
You have modeled a Composite X for which the following fault policy action has been configured for
remote faults:
<Action id=”ora-retry”>
At runtime, when a remote fault occurs on at outbound invoke, this
ora-retry action is triggered. After
the two configured retries are exhausted, which one occurs?
A. The transaction of Composite X rolls back.
B. The instance is marked “open.faulted” and is available for auto-recovery.
C. The instance is marked “closed.faulted” and is available for error recovery from Enterprise Manager
where the user can choose actions on the instance such as replay, rethrow, and abort.
D. The default retryFailureAction is initiated and it rethrows the error back to the caller service.
Correct Answer: B

1z0-434 pdf 
Which tool would you use to enable more detailed logging of SOA components?
A. WebLogic Console
B. Enterprise Manager
C. BPM Workspace
D. WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF)
Correct Answer: D

1z0-434 pdf 
Which expiration and escalation setting can be used to route a task a specified number of levels up a
management chain if the assignee does not respond in a given time period?
A. Never expire
B. Expire after
C. Route to manager
D. Renew after
E. Escalate after

1Z0-434 pdf

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