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Exam Code: 300-209
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions
Updated: Aug 02, 2017
Q&As: 271

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32% 1.0 300-209 Dumps Secure Communications

  • 1.1 Site-to-site VPNs on routers and firewalls
  • 1.1.a Describe GETVPN
  • 1.1.b Implement IPsec (with IKEv1 and IKEv2 for both IPV4 & IPV6)
  • 1.1.c Implement DMVPN (hub-Spoke and spoke-spoke on both IPV4 & IPV6)
  • 1.1.d Implement FlexVPN (hub-Spoke on both IPV4 & IPV6) using local AAA
  • 1.2 Implement remote access VPNs
  • 1.2.a Implement AnyConnect IKEv2 VPNs on ASA and routers
  • 1.2.b Implement AnyConnect SSLVPN on ASA and routers
  • 1.2.c Implement clientless SSLVPN on ASA and routers
  • 1.2.d Implement FLEX VPN on routers


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Which two GDOI encryption keys are used within a GET VPN network? (Choose two.)
A. key encryption key
B. group encryption key
C. user encryption key
D. traffic encryption key
300-209 exam Correct Answer: AD
Refer to the exhibit.
300-209 dumps
Which type of VPN is being configured, based on the partial configuration snippet?
A. DMVPN with dual hub
B. GET VPN with dual group member
C. FlexVPN backup gateway
D. GET VPN with COOP key server
E. FlexVPN load balancer
Correct Answer: D
Which command specifies the path to the Host Scan package in an ASA AnyConnect VPN?
A. csd hostscan path image
B. csd hostscan image path
C. csd hostscan path
D. hostscan image path
Which of the following Quality of Service (QoS) techniques uses the precedence bits in the IP
B. 802.1p
C. IntServ
D. DiffServ
300-209 dumps Answer: D
During the call setup phase, call setup information is transmitted as non ASCII-based digital
information to a gatekeeper, while the media stream is transmitted directly from endpoint to
endpoint. Which of the following protocols does this describe?
B. Q.931
C. H.323
D. H.320
Answer: C
Which result will occur if the Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) is
reduced from 32 Kbps to 16 Kbps?
A. Voice quality degrades as compression increases
B. Voice quality improves as compression increases.
C. Voice quality degrades as compression decreases.
D. Voice quality is unaffected by compression rates.
300-209 pdf Answer: A
A customer is experiencing sporadic problems with clicking during conversations, poor quality
on fax transmissions, and modems failing to connect. Which of the following is the most likely
A. The T1 clock reference is incorrect.B. The frame relay network is congested.
C. The channels have been provisioned incorrectly.
D. The D channel signaling information is incorrect.
Answer: A
Which of the following is an international standard for the electrical interface between Data
Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Communications Equipment (DCE)?
A. V.24
B. DB25
C. RJ-11
D. 802.11b
300-209 vce Answer: A
A customer has two T3 lines and wants to provide for additional bandwidth. What is the
minimum Optical Carrier level that should be selected to replace them with a single circuit?
A. OC1
B. OC3
C. OC12
D. OC48
Answer: B
What is the result of attenuation?
A. Echo
B. Jitter
C. Signal strength increases
D. Signal strength decreases
300-209 dumps Answer: D
The best dietary advice a nurse can give to a woman diagnosed with mild pregnancy- induced
hypertension is to:
A. Follow a strict low salt diet
B. Restrict fluid intake
C. Increase protein intakeD. Maintain a well-balanced diet
Correct Answer: D
A nurse has been working in a general hospital on the same medical unit for 6 years. The Behavioral Unit
is desperately short staffed and the nurse is asked to work her shift in this other unit. What would be the
expected response of the nurse to this request?
A. “I will go to the unit and hopefully the behavioral health staff members will assist me with my
B. “I cannot go. I have no previous behavioral health experience. I do not want to reduce the quality of
patient care.”
C. “I have no previous behavioral health experience. I am willing to go and help with any duties that are
similar to those I perform on my unit.”
D. “I should not be expected to float to another unit without a proper orientation. I will fill out an incident
report if I am sent there.”
300-209 pdf Correct Answer: C
A patient is to receive 25mg/hr of an aminophylline infusion. The solution prepared by the pharmacy
contains 500mg of aminophylline in 1000ml of D5W. How many milligrams are available per ml?
A. 0.25 mg/ml
B. 0.5 mg/ml
C. 1 mg/ml
D. 2 mg/ml
Correct Answer: B
A patient with pneumonia is coughing up purulent thick sputum. Which one of the following nursing
measures is most likely helpful to loosen the secretions?
A. Postural drainage
B. Breathing humidified air
C. Percussion over the affected lung
D. Coughing and deep breathing exercises
300-209 exam Correct Answer: B
A 21 year old woman is being treated for injuries sustained in a car accident. The patient has a central
venous pressure (CVP) line insitu. The nurse recognizes that CVP measurements:
A. Estimate Cardiac output
B. Assess myocardial workload
C. Determine need for fluid replacement
D. Determine ventilation – perfusion mismatch
Correct Answer: C
A construction worker was brought to the emergency department and admitted with the diagnosis of heat
stroke due to strenuous physical activity during hot weather conditions.
Which action should the nurse take?
A. Immediately immerse the patient in cold water to reduce the patient’s temperature
B. Administer an antipyretic such as aspirin or acetaminophen
C. Place ice packs to the neck, axillae, scalp and groin
D. Encourage foods and oral fluids that contain carbohydrates and electrolytes
300-209 vce Correct Answer: C
Thirty minutes after starting a blood transfusion a patient develops tachycardia and tachypnea and
complains of chills and low back pain. The nurse recognizes these symptoms as characteristic of:
A. Circulatory overload
B. Mild allergy
C. Febrile response
D. Hemolytic reaction
Correct Answer: D
As a part of the treatment given to a child with leukemia the child is placed on reverse barrier isolation to:
A. Protect the child from injury
B. Protect the child from infectious agents
C. Provide the child with a quiet environment
D. Keep the child away from other children
300-209 dumps Correct Answer: B
The rationale for having the patient void before an abdominal paracentesis procedure is to:
A. Minimize discomfort
B. Avoid abdominal distention
C. Prevent bladder puncture
D. Reduce infection rate
Correct Answer: C
The best time for the nurse to teach an anxious patient about the patient controlled analgesic (PCA) pump
would be during which of the following stages of patient care?
A. Post-operative
B. Pre-operative
C. Intraoperative
D. Post anesthesia
300-209 exam Correct Answer: B
To maintain the airway and promote respiratory function, the best position for the nurse to place the
unconscious patient in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) is:
A. Supine
B. Lateral
C. Trendelenberg
D. Fowler’s

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