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Exam Code: 300-320 300-320 pdf
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
Exam Number: 300-320
Associated Certifications:CCDP
Duration:75 minutes (60 – 70 questions)
Available Languages:English
Register:Pearson VUE
Exam Policies:Read current policies and requirements
Exam Tutorial:Review type of exam questions
Updated: Mar 09, 2017
Q&As: 304
Exam Information:http://www.pass4itsure.com/300-320.html

I would say i have a fairly good background history of designing a lot of the technologies covered by this 300-320 exam.however I don’t deal with SP-stuff or VoIP/Collaboration stuff (QoS) so I know I am weak in that area by nature. that said, i did study a lot of QoS and SP-stuff just to be sure to cover that gap.

Now what was wrong with this exam?

I can’t really describe it with any other way then: This exam did not ask questions from a Design perspective. Let me clarify what i mean by that. Let’s take a look of the topics excluded that was actually ABOUT network design:

  • Identify network management capabilities in Cisco IOS Software
  • Create summary-able and structured addressing designs
  • Describe IPv6 for campus design considerations
  • Describe the components and technologies of a SAN network
  • Create an effective e-commerce design
  • Create remote access VPN designs for the teleworker

Those are some very, very good topics that covered some really nice network design-strategies. And what was added?

  • Describe the Cisco Design lifecycle – PBM (Plan, Build, Manage) 
  • Describe the importance and application of Scalability in a network
  • Describe the importance and application of Resiliency in a network
  • Describe the importance and application of concept of Fault Domains in a network
  • Design a basic branch network
  • Describe the concepts of virtualization within a network design
  • Identify network elements that can be virtualized
  • Describe Data Center components
  • Describe the concepts of Network Programmability within a network design

2017 Cisco 300-320 pdf (#11-21) from Pass4itsure:

300-320 pdf QUESTION 11
A developer is creating a process that will be a participant in an ebXML B2B conversation. Which control or node can be used to receive the first message in a conversation?
A. A TPM control
B. An ebXML control
C. A RosettaNet control
D. A Client Request node
E. An Application View control

Correct Answer: D

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[2017-Mar-NEW] Download Free 300-101 Dumps For Cisco Exam in First Attempt

Cisco has created new certifications that 300-101 dumps route pdf will help you work toward the cov-eted CCIE, as well as aid prospective employers in measuring skill levels. Before these new certifications were created, you took only one test and were then faced with the lab, which made it difficult to succeed. With these new certifications, there is an incremental path toward preparing for that almighty lab; Cisco has opened doors that few were allowed through before. So, what are these new certifications, and how do they help you get your CCIE?

Cisco Network Support Certifications

Exam Code: 300-101300-101 dumps
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0)
Updated: Feb 23, 2017
Q&As: 192
Associated Certification: Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching Certification
Number of Question: 45-65 Questions
Exam Technology: Cisco Networking Technology
Pre-Requisites: CCNA Routing and Switching or any CCIE Certification Certification
Exam Languages: English
Format: Single and Multiple Choice
Exam Information:http://www.pass4itsure.com/300-101.html
All information collected from Cisco Official Site:http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/route2.html

Note:  Some Cisco documentation states that VRF is an acronym for Virtual Routing and
Forwarding, while other Cisco documentation states that VRF is an acronym for VPN Routing/Forwarding because of its common use in Virtual Private Networks VPN.

2017 Cisco 300-101 exam dumps (All 70 Q&As) from Pass4itsure:

300-101 dumps QUESTION 1
Refer to the exhibit
300-101 dumps
Based on this FIB table, which statement is correct?
A. There is no default gateway.
B. The IP address of the router on FastEthernet is
C. The gateway of last resort is
D. The router will listen for all multicast traffic.
Correct Answer: C
The route is the default route and is listed as the first CEF entry. Here we see the next hop for this default route lists as the default router
(gateway of last resort).

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